ACS Block System

The American College of Sofia promotes the highest academic standards while also creating opportunities for our students to build friendships that last a lifetime. The block system plays an important role in this process by encouraging student involvement, friendly competition and teamwork.

The students are placed into eight blocks: Black Eagles, Phoenix, Tangra, Dulo, Magma, Falcons, Golden Lions and Flaming Tigers. 

They are tightly connected to the advisory system at the College and as a result, students from each advisory belong to a particular block. This allows them to help and support each other and to work together on specific causes.

One day each semester is a dedicated Block Day. On this day, classes are put on hold and the students turn out for sports activities, games, service projects and fun. The specific activities are created by a core group of faculty and deans, and as a result, they vary from year-to-year. In recent years, the students have enjoyed community building game days, service projects that benefited the local community and outings to sites of local interest. 

The blocks also participate in a friendly competition called the Black Cup, which harnesses intramural sports competitions, writing contests, service events and a friendly rivalry to emphasize the college’s core values of integrity, responsibility and respect.