TEDx Youth@ACS

13 May 23 | 01:00 PM

Whitaker Auditorium

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing ideas, usually in the form of short, but powerful speeches. TED's mission is to spread ideas that ultimately have the potential to change the world.
TEDx Youth events are part of the organization's initiative to bring the spirit of "ideas worth spreading" to communities around the globe. These are independently organized events that live under the umbrella of TED and aim to find the "ideas" within a community, so that they can be shared with the community itself, but also the world. 
You might consider participating as a speaker in this event, if you are an ACS student or teacher and if you have an idea that you feel really passionate about and would like to take the opportunity to share your idea and vision with some of the biggest audiences in the world. Your presentation will take place on the big stage at ACS, but your speech will later be also uploaded to TEDx' official YouTube channel. 
ACS students and teachers can register your interest to participate as a speaker by filling out this form by 12th February 2023. 
Some guidelines for speakers:
  • Your TEDx Youth speech can be up to 18 minutes long (shorter is usually better).
  • You can use visuals to help you illustrate your idea. 
  • You can bring flashcards on stage to help yourself out in case you get stuck. 
  • You can talk about any topic. Literally. It does not have to be connected to school whatsoever. 
  • THE MOST IMPORTANT!! Speak of something you are truly passionate about.
And some additional links, regarding TED: