Courses for Adults

English language skills are a prerequisite for most areas of contemporary life: whether one wants to advance her career, be more confident, communicate with international friends, deal with everyday situations abroad, or explore new opportunities. Our courses are designed to help you achieve all those goals.

Our courses and learning environment stimulate our students to experiment with the language and foster their motivation. Our teachers support and encourage students to be active, to build confidence in any English-speaking environment, and to not hesitate to use the language in any situation. 

Applied from level B2 up, we create a highly communicative and interactive environment to build skills for your career. We put emphasis on practicing new knowledge and skills in real work situations in order to grow your confidence in planning, problem solving, negotiating, networking, and leading.

Below is a list of our courses for adults. After taking a look, please come back for more general information and information on how to register.





Age Range 
18+ years

We offer courses for adults at all levels, according to the Common European Language Framework.

Course Length
105 hours per school year divided in 3 modules of 35 academic hours each

Term Dates
1st term: October 1 – December 15
2nd term: January 7 – March 15
3rd term: April 8 – June 15

Learning System 
We incorporate material from well-known publishers with fun and interactive materials created by our own highly-qualified teachers. Some of the courses that require tailor-made content are entirely created by our teachers.

Measuring Progress
You will receive face-to-face feedback from your teacher on any of your projects and assignments. 
At the end of every module, you will receive a report illustrating your current strengths and the goals for the future.

How to Register

Steps to Follow:

1. Check the information about the courses we offer and chose a course that matches your needs.

2. Contact our Coordinator to book a placement test and a free consultation.

3. Sit for your test and have a free consultation afterwards.

4. Book a place for the course by signing a contract with the External Programs Coordinator.

5. Pay the course fee before the beginning of the course.

Contact Details
Tanya Djuvinova, External Programs Coordinator
Work days: Monday – Friday (July – September) and Tuesday – Saturday (October – June)
Tel: 974 41 44, 434 10 12, 434 10 10 (dial code for Sofia: 02).