RobotiX Lab exclusively in the period 22 – 26 July 2019

Do you want your children to think logically and develop teamwork skills? Do you want them to naturally use technologies to create and change the world?

If you have a young explorer at home, this training is right for him/her.
5 days of robots, renewable energy, and sports at the unique campus of the American College.

Period: 22 – 26 July 2019 exclusively
Every day from 9:30 am till 4:30 pm. 

Who is it designed for

  • Children who have interest in technologies 
  • Children who need to master teamwork
  • Children who like challenges and fun activities with robots they made themselves

Children and young adults between 7 – 14 y.o.
Previous experience is not required.

Level of English
The program takes place in Bulgarian and English. Children who don’t speak Bulgarian are welcome as well.
A specific level of English knowledge for Bulgarian children is not required.
English terminology related to robotics and programming will be developed during class.

Technology is an essential part of life and has already reshaped the way we learn, communicate, and work. The main goal of this program is to prepare children for the changes around the corner and make them active creators rather than passive consumers - not to make the child a programmer or an engineer, but to introduce logical thinking, teamwork, and patience. The idea behind this program is to bring to the surface the hidden potential in any child, provoking the discoverer, the innovator and the artist.

Robotics and Renewable Energy with Technokrati®

The program focuses on building a robot, in teams of two. During that process children learn how to handle emotions, work with another person on a project, and own their own mistakes. After each team builds their robot, we discuss the most important parts, such as: brain (processor), motors, and sensors! Last but not least, together we build the foundations of programming by learning about block programming, algorithms, and critical thinking. 

Renewable Energy
The world around us changes every day. Mankind builds its future thanks to new technologies and creative ideas.  This class focuses on the perception and applicability of renewable energy sources and the way we can create energy by renewables such as the sun, water and wind.
Some of our experiments include:
- Generating energy by using a photovoltaic solar panel
- Wind turbine and the way we turn wind into electricity
- Experimenting with bio fuel – ethanol
- Explaining the process of “electrolysis” and creating hydrogen from water

We alternate between technology and sports, so that children can exercise, relax, and reuse their research potential.
We offer a wide range of outdoor games in our green park and inside in our modern indoor sports facilities. Consistent with the students’ capabilities, they play football, volleyball, basketball, softball, Frisbee, badminton, or table tennis. They also enjoy games like ball-over-rope, dodgeball, relay (race) games, cognitive games, and gymnastics.

BGN 490 VAT incl.
The price includes 8 academic hours of training, Robotics and Renewable Energy Sets, using the unique ACS Maker Space and sports facilities and lunch and afternoon snacks at the College canteen.

1. Contact the External Programs Office to receive a registration pack.
2. Book a place by signing a contract and paying the program fee.
*Please note that your child’s place is reserved only after the payment is received.
** 8 participants are needed to form a group.

Contact Details
External Programs Office
Work days: Monday – Friday
Tel: + 359 2 974 41 44, 02 434 10 12, 02 434 10 10