Spring School 2018

Spring School comes around in April and we have prepared a whole bunch of interesting topics for our young friends. Children from 5 to 14 years old are welcome. They are divided into groups according to their age and level of English knowledge. The Spring School is also suitable for absolute English beginners.

Every day from 9:30 to 16:30 there will be classes in English, Arts and Natural Science. All subjects are taught in English. Materials and textbooks are provided by the American College in Sofia. Our English teachers from the U.K and Bulgaria have the highest international qualifications and thorough experience with children of all ages. We offer interactive learning methods in a modern and safe environment.

Lunch and afternoon snacks are served at the College canteen; parents don’t need to prepare lunch packs every day. There is also a medical team on site.

In English classes, children will be exploring fascinating stories based around the theme of magic. Stories will include extracts from Helen Nicoll’s classic British series, Meg and Mog, along with extracts from George Gladir’s American super-hit, Sabrina. Accompanied by differentiated activities aimed at enhancing the speaking, listening, and writing skills of every child, these tantalizing tales will spring-board children into discovering a wealth of new vocabulary.

On the last day a short and witty creative sketch will be performed by all participants: A young witch, frustrated by her domineering Grandma, goes to a quiet gloomy park late at night in order to cast a spell on her maddening Grandma. Unfortunately, the park does not stay as quiet as she had hoped. What could possibly go wrong?  

Art classes are taught in English. They foster creativity, experiment with various art forms, develop motor skills and foster the mastery of the English language in a relaxed and funny way. Children complete different creative tasks. We actually show them how easily their ideas could be expressed on a sheet of paper and presented in public. Most importantly, kids feel good while they are creating, art helps boost self-confidence. Children who feel able to experiment and make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of thinking, which extends well beyond the art class. 

Natural Science classes take the children on a journey in the century-old College park. We call it the Young Explorer Program, since children are exploring animal and plant species and learning curious facts about them. The rich flora and fauna of the park vivifies in front of them in English words.

What people say about our Spring School 
"My daughter spent five very happy days at the spring course. She liked the classes, thechildren, and the activities so much that she cannot wait for the summer school. Thank you for your effort, your time and for doing things in such a great way."
Lydia Mileva

"In April my son attended the spring school at the American College in Sofia. It left a wonderful impression on him. That was the reason we showed an interest to the summer school as well."
Roumy Stoyanova

Contact our Program Coordinator to book a place!
Tanya Djuvinova 
Tel: + 359 2 974 41 44, 434 10 12 and courses@acs.bg