Summer School 2018

Register for one, two or three weeks for our summer school and get a 20% discount!

About the summer school 

Summer School is when magic happens. Summer days at ACS are challenging but appealing. Children enjoy learning and playing, meeting new friends and spending great time at the College. What better place  for these adventures than our century-old lush green park?

Our summer program includes intensive training in English language as well as Arts, Sports, Music and entertaining Mathematics. The English training aims  to develop language skills, teaching the youngest kids to read and write, enriching their vocabulary, upgrading their communication skills, and creating a real environment for language practice and immersion. All subjects are taught in English and support the English training in practice.

Lunch and afternoon snacks are served at the College cafeteria, so parents don’t need to prepare lunch packs every day. There is also a medical team on site.

Who is it designed for?

Children aged 6 to 14 years are welcome to join us. They are divided into groups according to their age and level of English knowledge. The program is also suitable for beginners.

Children from outside of Sofia may take advantage of our dormitory.


The program starts on July 2nd and will go on until August 24th, 8 weeks in a row. You can register your child for any of the eight weeks or for a longer period, the shortest period being one week. We encourage you to choose a period of four weeks, as ii is most beneficial in terms of acquiring skills.


Register for one, two or three weeks for our summer school and get a 20% discount! 

To register your child, please contact our External Program Coordinator and book a place. 

We strongly encourage you to contact us early. Places fill up quickly.

External Program Coordinator 
Tanya Djuvinova 
Tel: + 359 2 974 41 44, 434 10 12 and

Daily Schedule

Every day children have 4 periods of English, 2 periods of Arts/Music or Math and 2 periods of Sports. Juniors will enjoy the Music/Arts classes, whereas seniors will follow the adventures of the entertaining math.

School starts at 9:30 am and finishes at 4:30 pm. 4 periods are taught in the morning and the rest – after lunch. The day finishes with an afternoon snack at 4:00 pm.

Learning materials are provided by the College.

English language training

Topics and stories become more vibrant when you read them with your friends. In our English language training children are not only students but become authors and main characters in adventures and exciting projects. English language learning is intensive - 80 academic hours for four weeks. We work towards:

-  developing language skills

-  improving reading and writing skills

-  enriching vocabulary

-  upgrading children’s communication skills on various topics, as well as 

-  creating a real environment for practicing the language


Music lessons supplement and assist the English language classes. By learning a song children seamlessly and easily memorize phrases and sentences. Learning songs aids the introduction and usage of language models – conversational, as well as written forms. In addition, music lessons offer emotional experience for the students while they dance, play, and make new friends within their group.


The arts program encourages children’s unique ability to communicate through their pictures and supports the mastery of the English language in a relaxed and fun way. Children complete different creative tasks, develop their personal capacity for self-expression and dare to experiment. We show them how easy their ideas can come to life with the help of different art forms.

Entertaining Mathematics

This course aims to effortlessly transform acquired knowledge into applicable skills. It helps the ability to put a number of complex actions together in a sequence.

A lot of fun logic-based games are played, in the style of relay race and orientation on campus. These activities give the kids the opportunity to develop new skills and experience team work.


Within the summer school sports program we offer a wide range of games outside in our green park and inside in our modern indoor sports facilities.

Consistent with the students’ capabilities, they play football, volleyball, basketball, softball, frisbee, tennis, badminton, and table tennis. They enjoy also games like ball-upon-rope, dodgeball, relay (race) games, cognitive games, and gymnastics.