Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) of the American College of Sofia (ACS) is a voluntary civic non-profit association, a subsidiary body to ACS (The PTA By-Laws are published on the ACS website). PTA membership is voluntary and open to all parents of ACS students. The main purpose of PTA is to contribute to improving the quality of education at ACS by supporting and diversifying the forms of education and extracurricular activities, also to encourage parent involvement in ACS life and to promote closer contacts between parents and teachers.

PTA strives to achieve its goals by:

supporting ACS educational programs and events through appropriate forms of participation of parents and business companies
organizing and supporting extracurricular activities
- assisting the ACS planning by conducting surveys among parents and students
coordinating voluntary financial support of ACS parents and organizing events for raising funds from parents and business companies
- supporting newly admitted students and parents involvement in ACS life
- coordinating the organization of the Prep Class Graduation ceremony
- participating in the nomination of the “Teacher of the Year” and providing the award for the selected teacher
- coordinating the process of ordering and crafting the ACS ring for graduated students
- organizing informal meetings for parents of all classes with ACS faculty and administration during the school year to discuss school issues, new initiatives, etc.
- participating in the annual Arts Fest with its own stand and by financing student activities

The PTA Executive Committee is elected at a general meeting every year and includes a president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. Any parent can nominate a candidate or can be nominated for each of these positions.

PTA news is either posted on the ACS website, Parents section, or sent via emails. 

If you would like to contact us or become a PTA member, please send an e-mail to

Elena Onbright

PTA President

I have recently reread the values declared on ACS website: responsibility, integrity, respect, and the pursuit of excellence in academics and citizenship. Looking back, I realized that my child has actually internalized all of them, and for that I will be forever grateful to ACS. Parents’ participation in the PTA is just one way of teaching our kids social involvement, and the art of giving, by example.

Iliyana Ilieva

Former PTA President

The kids' social involvement, that the college nurtures, provokes them towards the real world. The parent also learns a great deal.

Nikoleta Moldovanska-Alexieva

Former PTA President

To me it's been an honor that my daughter, and our entire family along with her, has been a part of the community of this magical place.