Уважаеми кандидати,

Всички места, обявени за прием на ученици от Випуск 2023 са запълнени.
The Ministry of Education and Science officially declared the American College of Sofia "an innovative school" for its project Integrating technology into the learning environment through the use of Chromebooks and the Google Classroom platform.
We are pleased to announce that Fibank has taken interest in supporting independent projects of ACS students, and has made a generous donation towards developing student initiatives. All student clubs as well as individual students are eligible to apply for project funding. Students have already received information about the application procedure and deadlines, and are encouraged to follow all updates.
Due to a generous donation by an American philanthropist, families from outside of Sofia are eligible for an additional tuition reduction. Families may now apply for tuition reduction on the combined cost of tuition and housing.The amount of the tuition reduction will be calculated according to the combined amount of tuition plus room and board.


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Would you like your child to seriously improve their English skills over the summer?
Come to the American College of Sofia and learn useful stuff – like IT, computer coding, or languages – while having fun in our beautiful campus with our renowned teachers, professionals and experts in their fields.


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As soon as they set foot out the door, they turned right around and gave back to the college. The Class of 2018, merely a couple of months after its graduation, has donated 500 leva to ACS.
How can the air quality in Bulgarian cities be measured and visualized? How does car traffic, residential heating with wood and coal, and industrialization affect the air we breathe? What are the levels of Fine Particulate Matter (FPM) in our neighborhoods, and what is their effect on our health?
On June 8, the International Math Competition European Kangaroo awarded this year's top participants at a ceremony held in the Ministry of Education and Science.