Tuition Rates

Tuition Rates for School Year 2018 - 2019  
Rate for Bulgarian students accepted after successfully passing the Admissions Exam after Grades 7,
8, and 9
€ 6,350
International Students Rate € 18,200
Rate for Bulgarian students who have studied in international schools abroad € 18,200

Tuition Fee Reduction for Students Who Have Successfully Passed the Entrance Exam                               

All families of  Bulgarian seventh-grade students who have successfully passed the Entrance exam and are offered admission to the American College of Sofia may apply for a tuition fee reduction. After all required documents are submitted, the Financial Aid Committee convenes to determine appropriate fee reductions for each family. 

All applicants after Grade 8 and Grade 9 who have successfully passed the Admissions exam may enroll at ACS under the financial conditions determined for the rest of the Bulgarian students at the College. Students may apply for a tuition fee reduction (Financial Aid) corresponding to the financial need of their families.

NEW: Due to a generous donation by an American philanthropist, families from outside of Sofia are eligible for an additional tuition reduction. Families may now apply for tuition reduction on the combined cost of tuition and housing. The amount of the tuition reduction will be calculated according to the combined amount of tuition plus room and board.


Financial assistance at the American College is need-based, and fee reductions are only granted to families who can demonstrate financial need. Families may apply for a fee reduction each year their son/daughter is enrolled at the College.

For the class admitted in 2017, 92% of the applicants for tuition fee reduction were granted such. These reductions ranged from 5% to 100% of the annual tuition fee. Over €662,715 was granted to the families of our students. 

Funding for financial aid has come largely from donations of individuals and foundations. Most notably, The Tianaderrah Foundation based in New York.