Bulgarian Language and Literature

The key objective of the Bulgarian language and literature curriculum is exploring the relationship between language and thinking skills. Emphasis on the history and theory of literature is combined with development of oral and written language abilities, reading comprehension skills, analysis and synthesis skills, and independent critical thinking skills. Alternative tasks and projects encourage research and creative work in the fields of literature, art, and culture. The Writing Center aims to assist students in different aspects of language application, such as orthography, development of ideas, argumentation, composition, and style of writing. The State Examination preparation courses offer students the opportunity to review, supplement, and expand knowledge and skills acquired in regular classes. The Fountain Literary Journal, published by the Bulgarian Department, has a long-standing tradition. Students who have contributed to it have received awards in prestigious national literary competitions as well as become prominent in contemporary Bulgarian literature.

English Language and Literature

The English Language and Literature Department has developed a grades 9-12 college preparatory curriculum that focuses on critical reading, literary analysis, and writing. Additionally, students at all grade levels are challenged to improve their fluency in English. We want our students to become better readers, to think critically, to improve their writing both academic and non-academic, to enjoy their classes, and to be fully engaged.


The mission of the English as a Second Language Department is to prepare the eighth-grade students for the requirements of an academic career at ACS. This is accomplished by providing students with a solid understanding of the English language as well as by building their academic confidence and competence so that they can successfully fulfill the requirements of content-area classes in English. All language skills (reading, writing, speaking, and listening) receive constant attention. Students are assisted in developing study skills which are essential for academic success. Quality instruction in a friendly yet structured environment that fosters mutual respect and intellectual curiosity is a major goal of the department. Strong relationships and good communication between and among teachers, students, and parents are valued and encouraged.

Foreign Languages

The Foreign Languages Department has adopted essential standards based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for Languages and offers a four-year sequential program in French, German, and Spanish. The primary goal of the Foreign Languages curriculum is to develop proficiency in all four language skills - reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Our faculty also strives to provide a comprehensive perspective on language that comprises the cultural, historical, and present development of the countries where the languages we teach are spoken. At the end of their College career, our students meet the requirements of Level B1-B2 according to CEFR. The IB courses are customized to respond to the individual needs of our international students and, so far, all our students have successfully passed the IB exams. The elective courses are designed to delve into various aspects of the languages taught and the cultures presented, expand the knowledge, and polish the language skills of our advanced students.

Liberal and Fine Arts

The basic goal of the Liberal and Fine Arts Department is to support students in developing their imagination, creativity, and analytical thinking skills by providing them with the knowledge necessary to achieve this. All staff members strive to expand the abilities of the students in self-expression and self-evaluation along with their critical thinking and communication skills. As students gain multicultural perspectives and social awareness of the world, they become independent, rational, and proactive citizens.


The main goal of the department is to introduce students to major ideas and concepts in Mathematics. While developing their analytical and technical skills, students apply their mathematical knowledge to solve a variety of  problems. The knowledge and skills students acquire allow them to participate effectively in national and international Mathematics competitions and examinations before and after graduating from ACS. 

Computer Science Department

The main goal of the department is to introduce students to major ideas and concepts of Computer Science. While developing their analytical and technical skills, students apply their IT knowledge to solve a variety of theoretical or real-life problems. Students are expected to create hypotheses and develop ideas as well as to justify and prove their validity. The knowledge and skills students acquire allow them to participate effectively in national and international Computer Science competitions.




The department views its mission and objectives in the light of modern educational standards and methods. A major goal is to develop and improve students’ abilities in the following areas: critical thinking, independent analysis, problem solving, experimenting, and publishing results and information. Students who are curious about and talented in science are encouraged to develop skills and accumulate knowledge beyond the standards. The department offers additional profile classes in physics and chemistry, elective courses for Advanced Placement preparation in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and the SAT II subject tests. Our continuing goal is to bring science to students by improving and varying our in-class work and extracurricular activities and by exposing students to research and experimentation. Members of the Science Club have received numerous awards in national astronomy and physics competitions. The ACS Science Team has participated in four International Young Physicists Tournaments, coming in second twice out of a large number of countries. Since 1996, we have organized Science Fair, a celebration of science involving all ACS students in projects, experiments and science-related games.


The mission of the Sports Department is to improve the sports skills and habits of our students, to enrich their theoretical background in various sports, and to work on developing key fitness qualities: speed, flexibility, agility, and strength. This is achieved by planning and conducting intensive sports classes, keeping students motivated during classes, and grading student performance objectively. Special emphasis is laid on reducing student stress by promoting healthy habits and encouraging healthy life choices. In addition to regular sports classes, a number of elective classes are also offered in hopes that students will find the sports activity that will become a permanent part of their life.