College Counseling

Welcome to the College Counseling Department at the American College of Sofia. Choosing a college or university is an exciting and challenging process. Our goal is to assist students in understanding their post high school higher education options. Through the development and implementation of a College Counseling program in grades 9 through 12, and with the use of Google Classroom, we foster a clear, solid sense of self that is essential for each student to establish and focus on realistic and age appropriate personal, academic, and college-focused goals. The college counseling department creates an environment where students are well informed on all relevant information and instruction about the ever-changing college testing, admissions, scholarship and financial aid processes. With our assistance, students create multiple options for themselves by applying to competitive colleges and universities around the world. In this way, students can select the school that best suits their academic, personal, financial, and family needs during the spring of their senior year. 

ACS students have the opportunity to apply to a variety of educational systems around the world due to our strong curriculum and varied diploma offerings. Students graduate with both American and Bulgarian high school diplomas. International, or non-Bulgarian students, earn the International Baccalaureate (IB) and American diplomas. All ACS students are given the opportunity to sit for Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. These college-level tests may allow students to gain advanced-standing or university credit. Top results can often make a student even more competitive in admission processes.

ACS graduates are accepted into some of the most prestigious universities around the world and are valued critical thinkers and problem solvers able to set clear goals and achieve them. They are engaged in social issues and are able to compete with outstanding students world-wide. For more information on our curriculum, standardized examination results, and college/university placement, please see our School Profile.

If you are a college or university representative interested in more ways to engage with ACS, please visit the Information for College Representatives page.

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