Courses for Children and Teenagers

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Our courses for children and teenagers aim to equip students with the skills they need to lead a happy, successful and independent life beyond school. We recognize that every child is an individual worthy of focused attention and lessons tailored to their specific needs. 

The English language is a gateway to the wider world so we focus on building not only knowledge but also confidence, intuition and flexibility in the way our students use the language to express themselves. With a team of teachers from a range of backgrounds and dialects, our courses are delivered entirely in English to reflect the multiculturalism of the language. 

You can expect high quality education delivered through lessons that focus on practical skills and a range of activities, contexts and materials. We know that feeling positive, safe and engaged is the key to successful learning and that you can trust our skilled and experienced teachers to deliver education of the highest quality. 

List of our courses for children and teens:

English through Tales

English & Science Academic Skills

English through Art

English for children & teenagers

Creative writing

  Individual lessons & small groups


Groups: Groups are from 4 to 12 children in class. Please note that to form a group a minimum of 4 children is required.

Methodology: All instruction takes place in English and we focus primarily on the development of practical language skills. We use course books from well-known publishers and supplement them with fun and interactive materials created by our own highly-qualified teachers. Courses that require tailor-made content are designed exclusively by our teachers.

Measuring Progress: Feedback is provided directly to students by teachers continuously throughout the course. At the end of every module, diagnostic tests highlight both newly learned language and areas for improvement. Test results are accompanied by a report with individual comments from the teacher. 

Where? All courses are held in the Sanders Building. Its location can be found on the map with all buildings on the ACS campus.

How to register?

  1. Fill out the registration form and book a slot for a level assessment by using the button below. The assessment will take place at the American College of Sofia in Sanders Hall.
    1. If the course is just about to start:
      • Your child is required to attend a 10-minute speaking test on the day and time you have chosen.
      • Your child may be required to attend an additional reading and writing test of up to 30 minutes, depending on their age.
    2. If the course has already started (except the "Creative writing" course):
      • Your child is required to attend a 30-minute listening and speaking exam on the day and time you have chosen
      • Your child is required to attend a 30-minute writing and reading test, immediately after the listening and speaking exam.
  2. We send you a contract and attachments.
  3. Sign the documents you receive.
  4. Pay the tuition fee.

    * Please note that your child’s place is reserved only after the payment is received.
    ** If your child was part of our courses during the 2022 - 2023 academic year, speaking and written exams are not required ONLY fill in the registration form.

Contact Details

📞 02 974 4144