An ACS Crew is the State Sailing Champion in Class 420

The sailing team of Andrea Kalcheva ’22 and Marcela Miteva ’23 of ACS performed in a staggering way at The State Championship Non-Olympic Classes Tsarevo 2021! After the Miteva-Kalcheva crew prevailed over all other men’s and women’s 420 teams, Marcela and Andrea ranked first and became state champions. This victory is quite impressive with all their hard work and additional hurdles associated with the COVID-19 pandemic in mind.

Marcela shared a bit about their journey: “I started training sailing 9 years ago, Andrea - 6 years ago, and we have been competing for Central Sofia Yacht Club Academic. One day we decided to become a 420-class crew, and we have been on the same boat for three years. We train at Iskar Dam, but the conditions there are nothing like the open sea. After a month of really intense preparation and efforts to overcome these challenges, we succeeded in achieving this coveted goal, namely becoming state champions.” - Marcela concluded.

We wish Marcela and Andrea fair winds and benevolent seas in their next adventures!