Do we take human rights for granted?

We shouldn’t!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good [people] to do nothing.”

― Edmund Burke

Standing up for justice is among the key moral values we strive to teach at the College. Adding the different opportunities for intellectual growth, we often witness how, with time, our students grow from wide-eyed 8th graders into exceptional individuals. One extracurricular discipline which brings together these moral and intellectual qualities is the Human Rights Club.

It recently marked tremendous success by planning, organizing, and holding the first of its kind European Court of Human Rights Mock Trial. The event launched ACSers into new horizons as it managed to attract both their peers and law students at the undergraduate level. Over 40 competitors and judges from across the country took part, demonstrating exceptional skills and hard work.

Apart from taking part in the trial, which challenged participants to ask themselves profound questions, the European Court of Human Rights Mock Trial offered a panel discussion with practicing lawyers and moot trainers. The high-school and university students took their tough questions to the professionals and obtained competent and valuable answers, within the broader human rights discussion.

Kudos for the smooth execution of the Mock Trial go to ACS Human Rights Club President Kristabel Konta,Vice-President Dora Angelova, and Rado Angelov, as well as Club Members Maria Tsanova, Karl-Jan Jakubik, Ralitsa Yolova, Kristina Stratieva, Alina Angelova, and Julie Dimitrova, all of them 11th graders at ACS. “We should all be very proud of these young leaders, and good luck to everyone at next year’s trial!” – Human Rights Club Adviser Teresa Kuhelj said.