The American College of Sofia starts an open tender procedure for the selection of аn A&E company in relation to the project: “American College of Sofia; Construction/Renovation of Abbott Hall”, under cooperative agreement with USAID and American Schools and Hospitals Abroad. 

The project aims to completely renovate a historic school building, Abbott Hall, located in Sofia, Bulgaria.  The building currently houses academic departments, labs, and classrooms. The project will provide a safer teaching and learning environment, elevator access for disabled people, climate resilient design, and will help preserve water and energy.

  • The A&E firm must develop complete designs - including Technical Specifications, Construction Drawings and Bill of Quantities (BOQ);
  • The A&E firm must prepare a tender procedure for construction/renovation of Abbott Hall,  prepare an evaluation, draft a contract for the construction and renovation activities; 
  • The A&E must be familiar with all USAID requirements for construction, renovation, climate resilience, weatherization and accessibility for disabled people; 
  • The A&E firm must demonstrate the ability to integrate Climate Risk Management and Award-Initial Environmental Examination IEE (A-IEE) requirements into the design, construction and operational phases, as well as, Accessibility for the Disabled standards as reference in the Standard Provision;
  • The A&E firm must be capable of obtaining all required construction and renovation approvals by local authorities; 
  • The A&E firm must also provide construction supervision services during the construction phase.

The A&E firm must also comply with the following requirements: 

  • Specialized experience with renovation, reconstruction and design of public and school buildings; 
  • Proven track-record of completing projects on time and following budget guidelines and limitations; 
  • Verbal and written English language proficiency of key management and technical staff; 
  • Past record of performance on A&E tasks with USAID or similar international entities, with projects completed with respect to such factors as control of costs, quality of work, and ability to meet schedules;
  • Ability to assign an adequate number of qualified key personnel from the company to the project,  including a supervising representative having considerable experience in work of a similar nature;
  • Ability of the company to obtain materials and/or equipment needed for the project; 
  • Adequate financial capacity of the company. 

We invite all interested companies to participate in the open tender procedure. Please contact Dr. Georgi Metodiev at for more information, to receive full technical specifications of the building and the project, and to make an appointment to visit and survey the building.  The deadline for submitting proposals is October 23. The deadline for receiving full drawings and design is January 15, 2021.

Abbott Hall in 1931
Abbott Hall in 2020