The Teodora and Darina Spasov Scholarship, the First Scholarship by a Bulgarian Citizen Continued for the Next Five Academic Years

The American College of Sofia attracts talented students from all over Bulgaria, regardless of their families’ financial capabilities to cover tuition. This is only possible due to generous donations we receive from board members, alumni, parents, philanthropists, and friends of the school. We are exalted that the notable member of our community Dr. Svilen Spasov has agreed to continue the Teodora and Darina Spasov Scholarship, the first scholarship by a Bulgarian citizen. This scholarship was established in 2005 with the goal of supporting the girl in every Class who has the strongest financial need and maintains a GPA of minimum 5.00 and exemplary conduct throughout her course of study. Follow our website and Facebook page to find out who the scholarship was named for, who the philanthropist behind it is and why he chose to support the American College of Sofia.