This Champion Season

The ACS football teams have had a fantastic run lately.

The ACS Open tournament was decisively won by our boys under the leadership of Borislav Dimitrov.

Then the team won another competition where it traditionally fares well, the Private Schools’ Cup. Mr. Dimitrov said, "All players did a great job and demonstrated a team spirit and desire to win."

The girls' team, led by Vesselina Tepeshanova, won the gold medal at the Sofia Football Tournament for Girls.

It has been a tremendous season with plenty of achievements to be celebrated.

Here is what Mr. Dimitrov said, "I would like to recognize a student who really helps for the success of our school team and is on his way to becoming a professional football player.

"Vladimir Nikolov 10/4 and his club FC Septemvri won the Bulgarian Football Union Cup as Vladi scored twice in the final match. He is also a regular player for the Bulgarian national youth team. Last, but not least, a week ago Vladi made his debut in the ‘A’ Professional Football Group."