Two ACS Students Laureates of the National Information Technologies Olympiad 2024

Congratulations to Senior Dimitar Zhekov and Junior Kaloyan Dimitrov!

From April 26 to 28, the National Information Technology Olympiad was held in Burgas. Three ACS students took part in the competition group 3 for Grades 11-12 - seniors Dimitar Zhekov and Momchil Kolev and junior Kaloyan Dimitrov.

In the Distributed Applications category, Dimitar Zhekov ranked 6th out of 100 participants with his project “Uchi-Bib”(”Learn-Lib”). His individual result from the presentation part of the project was 84 points, his test score - 78 points resulting in a final score of 81 points and perfect grade of 6.00. Dr. Paulina Todorova is project supervisor.

In the Big Data category, Kaloyan Dimitrov and Momchil Kolev ranked 8th with their robot Sharo. Dr. Rosistsa Todorova is their project supervisor. Individually, Kaloyan Dimitrov took 7th place out of 100 participants scoring 72 points at the project presentation stage and 88 at the test, his final score being 80 points meaning perfect grade of 6.00. Momchil Kolev ranked 16th with an individual score from the project presentation stage of 72 points and a test score of 69 points, his final score being 71 points corresponding to grade Excellent 5.50.

This way, the American College has two laureates of the National Information Technology Olympiad - Dimitar Zhekov and Kaloyan Dimitrov - with perfect grades that granted them admission to the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University.

Congratulations to the students and their teachers!