Young ACS Physicists Succeed Again on National Level

The national Young Physicists’ Tournament took place in Kyustendil in early February. The competition is experimental in nature, with the participants conducting scientific experiments in laboratories or at home. The contestants then defend their work and critique the opposing teams in what is called physics battles. The Young Physicists’ Tournament featured three prominent ACS eleventh-graders: Teodora Marinova, Martin Lozanov and Ivan Kamberov.

In the final ranking, Teodora's team “Almukantarat” finished first, team “Daisy”, featuring Martin and the team of Ivan “Bergamot” both ranked second while Theodora, Martin, and Ivan won the respective medals. 

The excellent performance of the young ACS physicists opened up spots on the extended national team for them, and the intensive training for it including monthly seminars on weekends.

We are congratulating Teodora, Martin and Ivan and we are wishing them remarkable victories in physical battles to follow.