ACS Open Tennis Tournament 2018

This year’s ACS Open Tennis Tournament took place on April 28th and 29th at the ACS Gym. Four schools participated in the tournament: the French High School, the German High School, the Anglo-American School, and the American College of Sofia with 2 teams.

ACS I, represented by Kristina Kapitanova 11/3, Mark Hadzhizhekov 12/1, and Martin Stoychkov 12/6, won first place in three categories: girls singles, mixed doubles, and in the overall ranking. ACS II, the Radi Todorov 11/4 and Sava Nikolov 11/4 team, won third place in boys singles and in the overall ranking (see below):

1. American College of Sofia I -  28 points
2. German High School - 18 points
3. American College of Sofia II - 6 points

Congratulations to all our competitors for their excellent ranking at this year’s tournament! I wish them many new successes in sports and academics!

By Stefka Papazova
Sports Department Chair