What The Preps Did

Arts Fest is, first and foremost, fun. Also first and foremost it is a great way to boost the ACS scholarship fund. The participating student clubs donate 20% of their coupon sales for scholarships. But let us now tell you what the 8th graders do.

In the week leading up to Arts Fest, the first-year students, our precious preps, do a pre-sale of raffle tickets. 100% of their proceeds go to the scholarship fund.

Fun first and foremost, remember? Well, part of the fun is a contest among the prep sections which one will sell most tickets. The kids can go to their classmates, they certainly knock on the doors of their teachers and the administration – it’s a nice way for all of them to give back to the community, - they also take tickets to their friends who study elsewhere, and to their families. Not only does it contribute to scholarships, it also spreads the word about Arts Fest and the college.

Last year was an all-time high – go Class of 2022!

This year the preps sold tickets worth of 2896 leva. Congratulations!

And special thanks to champs 8/7 who won the inter-section contest. 8/7 leader Adriana Chapanova collected the well-deserved award for her classmates, provided by Arts Fest sponsors Playground and Mondelez.

ACS scholarships can really make a difference to families who have deserving children but limited means. We can all help those great students come and study at ACS – here.