Busy Season for the Robotics Club

By David Yordanov

The ACS Robotics Club recently participated in the two most important Technology and Robotics events in the country. 

The Robotics Strategy Forum organized by the PARAi presented exemplified advancements in the automation and artificial intelligence realm and put a spotlight on promising local startups and projects. 

The Industrial Tech Forum, part of the Machtech & Innotech Expo, where innovation was a keyword too, focused on already built solutions that are available for purchase with or without additional development.

The three ACS robots Sharo, Stamat, and Omniplantus displayed by ACS Robotics Club members, were very well accepted by both senior engineers and regular folks. Everyone was super excited and straight-out amazed at the capabilities demonstrated by our students, responsible for creating such intricate gadgets. 

The Robotics Club members attended both events with the intent to soak up as much knowledge as possible but also to raise awareness about the FIRST competition coming up this year. Anyone interested in donating needed parts or money towards the competition fee or the actual challenge - get in touch with the Club or ACS.

Next in our busy, busy calendar, the Club will be a special guest at Muzeiko for their monthly edition of Makers Day.